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Lash Extension Design

Lashed was established in 1998 and has been the original specialist in eyelash and brow treatments. Lashed has a long line of credits amongst film, television & fashion industries.

Each Lashed technician has a Diploma in Make up Artistry and undergoes an intensive lash training program facilitating professional only products.

Our philosophy is all about natural, full-looking extensions with a custom design.


Acrylic Lashes
Acrylic lashes are a darker, thicker tapered synthetic lash.
These lashes will give you a darker fuller look.

Silk Lashes
Silk are a finer, lightweight lash that is more tapered.
Giving you a more natural, soft look, they feel light on.

Flat Lashes
A flatter curved lash with a pronged end.
Great for naturally finer lashes as they appear thicker but have a much lighter weight than the classic lash.

3D Russian Volume Lashes
Pre-made 3-strand lashes.
Adds that extra volume and thickness to naturally sparse lashes.
For those who are after the fullest lash set.